News July 2017 Volume 4
Workforce and Manufacturing Analytics Newsletter
Record high optimism reported by US manufacturers in latest survey by the National Association of Manufacturers.
Caution needed, though, as auto-related manufacturing continues to cool. 40% of manufacturing job gains the past two years are from that critical sector.

Look for 
automation growth to accelerate, especially in auto, food and logistics sectors.
Check out the latest article published by the Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics team at ResourceMFG about workplace stability and the costs of turnover.

The signs that wages on the lower end of the scale are starting to move up, is a strong sign that the labor market continues to tighten

A view into daily instability:
  • Transportation, child and elder care issues
  • Food, housing, health or safety insecurity
  • Lack of resources to deal with issue
  • "Agency Time" - dealing with agencies to address issues
  • Relationships trump achievement goals
  • Constant problem-solving (the unsung strength of those living with daily instability)
Keith Wisner, Vice President - Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics.