News October 2017 Volume 7
Workforce and Transportation Analytics Newsletter
  • Sector still solid with strong freight volumes. Still some signs of driver and truck shortages (WSJ).
  • Driver turnover up, usually a sign of a tightening driver market (not good) and increase in freight volumes (good).
A good sign: labor participation rate went up 0.2% in September. People are getting back into the labor market and taking jobs.
A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words (see chart to the left). A visual reminder of why our clients are often under stress.
And, finally, having Warren Buffet betting on the trucking sector can't hurt. Says Buffet: "There will be more goods moving to more people as the years go by in the United States - that I would bet a lot of money on."
Keith Wisner, Vice President - Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics.