News May 2017 Volume 2
Workforce and Logistics Analytics Newsletter
Warehousing and Storage sector, which includes fulfillment centers that process online orders, added 2,500 jobs, accelerating from just 300 job additions in March (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
And the effects of ecommerce growth continue: taller warehouses requiring (presumably) more skilled operators of forklifts and powered industrial trucks and an increased focus on safety.
Faster, cheaper with a better trained, more skilled workforce. That's what supply chain professionals say are their top challenges:
  • Hiring and retaining a skilled workforce (63%)
  • Customer demand for faster response time (55%)
  • Customer demand for lower delivered costs (53%)
Number of job openings continue their growth trend (see chart). So do number of 'quits,' another sign of a tightening labor market.
Positive drug test results are increasing (see chart), adding to an already challenging market for qualified labor.
Keith Wisner, Vice President - Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics.