News October 2017 Volume 7
Workforce and Logistics Analytics Newsletter
Warehousing and Storage sectors seem untouched by effets of recent hurricanes, adding 4,800 jobs in September. Sector is at all-time high in employment. 

e-commerce sales forecasts are becoming more optimistic, projecting years-over-year growth ranging from 11% to 21% depending on survey. Reminder: e-commerce logisticsis two- to three-times more labor intensive than traditional operations, compounding the already challenging, tight labor markat (JLL). r, Vice President - Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics
A good sign: labor participation rate went up 0.2% in September. People are getting back into the labor market and taking jobs.
A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words (see chart to the left). A visual reminder why our clients are often under stress.
Do robots eliminate jobs? Amazon and others would say no. They would argue that, often with retraining, it creates new opportunities, and fuels growth (and jobs) through productivity gains. 

Let's hope they are right. Look at the projected increases in robots (and look at China in particular - a competitor of the USA in many light industrial sectors).
Keith Wisner, Vice President - Workforce & Supply Chain Analytics.